Searching for a Home in the Sprawl // “The Suburbs”

On the inevitable estrangement of familiar lives.   Strange how the half light Can make a place new You can’t recognize me And I can’t recognize you             Arcade Fire, “Half Light I,” The Suburbs (2011) The last defender of the sprawl Said, “Well, where do you kids live?” Well, sir, if you only knew … Continue reading Searching for a Home in the Sprawl // “The Suburbs”

The Bastard Innocents // “The Power and the Glory”

On saving the children.   He stood with his hand on his holster and watched the brown intent patient eyes: it was for these he was fighting. …He was quite prepared to make a massacre for their sakes – first the Church and then the foreigner and then the politician – even his own chief … Continue reading The Bastard Innocents // “The Power and the Glory”

Domination Games // Risk

On language-games and fundamentalists.   Doesn't the analogy between language and games throw light here? We can easily imagine people amusing themselves in a field by playing with a ball so as to start various existing games, but playing many without finishing them and in between throwing the ball aimlessly into the air, chasing one … Continue reading Domination Games // Risk

Haunted by Ourselves // “The Hunt”

On realism and the dark material of our lives.   The world is full of evil, but if we hold onto each other, it will go away.             Theo, The Hunt (2012) And when you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.             Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil (1886) … Continue reading Haunted by Ourselves // “The Hunt”