So I’ve decided to go ahead and post (below) this zine I made for a seminar this spring. It’s not a perfect work—shorter than I originally intended and with some rhetorical subtleties that I’d probably do a little differently had I but world enough and time. Still, I spent a lot of time on it. The semester was a rough one, but I’m happy enough with what I was able to churn out, despite it all. I view it as a valuable exercise in less-professional (or anti-professional?) academic work.

This zine is called “An Abolitionist’s Primer on the University.” It’s heavily inspired by the “Abolitionist University Studies: An Invitation” piece authored by Abigail Boggs, Eli Meyerhoff, Nick Mitchell, and Zach Schwartz-Weinstein. I also drew on the work of several others, cited in the inside back cover.

If you feel like it, you’re more than welcome to download, print, copy, and share—no attribution necessary—but like I said, it was something of a rushed, imperfect project. Hopefully I’ll find ways to work more at this comics/zine thing in a scholarly vein, because it’s a lot of fun despite the struggle.


Here’s a download link for the full pdf. The embedded version below doesn’t seem to work on mobile browsers. (Sorry, I’m new to this tech.)