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worldbuilding without fear // The Time Machine

The Time Machine presents a case study in modern encounters with other worlds and how those encounters are interpreted by Western ways of knowing. In telling a story of time travel that relies on the craft of worldbuilding, this story also presents an archetype of a certain science-fictional gesture: worldbuilding as conquest through knowledge. In … Continue reading worldbuilding without fear // The Time Machine

Such Sentimental Terror // Joshua

Terror lives on when it tells useful stories, when it offers repetitions that can prop up an empowered status quo… Christianity today is comfortable with terror, because it has made terror sentimental.

Molotov in the Form of a Prayer for Grad Students: Or, The World Is Over, I Must Write This Seminar Paper

This is the document I produced back in April/May in lieu of doing a traditional seminar paper for one of my graduate courses. Typically these seminar papers will take the form of a 25 – 30-page draft of a publishable research article. Because of my own exasperation at the contradictions of professionalism/professionalization and the fact that I was approaching this project during the first wave of the COVID crisis in the United States (who knows what wave we’re on now), I took a more experimental, unprofessional approach to this project.


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