Creature-Feeling // Beach House

On some varieties of religious experience. Are you all being friendly to your neighbor? Are strangers meeting strangers? I mean, that’s point isn’t it? ...I don’t know what the point is…but, yeah…             Victoria Legrand, between songs at the Beach House concert And then it’s dark again A new development Wishing that it meant Something … Continue reading Creature-Feeling // Beach House

Searching for a Home in the Sprawl // “The Suburbs”

On the inevitable estrangement of familiar lives.   Strange how the half light Can make a place new You can’t recognize me And I can’t recognize you             Arcade Fire, “Half Light I,” The Suburbs (2011) The last defender of the sprawl Said, “Well, where do you kids live?” Well, sir, if you only knew … Continue reading Searching for a Home in the Sprawl // “The Suburbs”

The Silence between Us // “Carrie & Lowell”

On the frustrations present in silence.   Spirit of my silence, I can hear you But I’m afraid to be near you And I don’t know where to begin             Sufjan Stevens, “Death With Dignity” (2015) There’s only a shadow of me In a manner of speaking I’m dead             Sufjan Stevens, “John My Beloved” … Continue reading The Silence between Us // “Carrie & Lowell”