Triumph of the Will // The Unabomber

On terrorism, moral relativism, and the absurdity of love.   The fact that I was able to admit to myself that there was no logical justification for morality illustrates a very important trait of mine. . . . I have much less tendency to self-deception than most people.             Theodore J. Kaczynski, Journal A flawed … Continue reading Triumph of the Will // The Unabomber

The Way of Unknowing // Wittgenstein

On the limits of language and thought, the non-objectivity of morality.   Thus the Tractatus was, first and foremost, an attack on all forms of rational systems of ethics—that is, theories of ethics that would base human conduct upon reason.             Allan Janik & Stephen Toulmin, Wittgenstein’s Vienna (1973) How things are in the world … Continue reading The Way of Unknowing // Wittgenstein