Nothing in Common // Esposito (Part 1)

On the love that preserves or destroys. The community isn’t a mode of being, much less a “making” of the individual subject. It isn’t the subject’s expansion or multiplication but its exposure to what interrupts the closing and turns it inside out: a dizziness, a syncope, a spasm in the continuity of the subject. Roberto… Continue reading Nothing in Common // Esposito (Part 1)

There’s a Golem in My Garden // Cynthia Ozick

On creating the heavens and the earth. Golem-making is dangerous; like all major creation it endangers the life of the creator… The danger is not that the golem, become autonomous, will develop overwhelming powers; it lies in the tension which the creative process arouses in the creator himself.              Gershom Scholem, “The Idea of the… Continue reading There’s a Golem in My Garden // Cynthia Ozick

And All Shall Be Well // T.S. Eliot

On beginning. So I find words I never thought to speak In streets I never thought I should revisit When I left my body on a distant shore.             T.S. Eliot, “Little Gidding,” Four Quartets (1942)  The end is where we start from.              T.S. Eliot, “Little Gidding,” Four Quartets… Continue reading And All Shall Be Well // T.S. Eliot

Apocryphal Fire // H.D.

On time and regeneration.   There will be no unique name, even if it were the name of Being. And we must think this without nostalgia, that is, outside of the myth of a purely maternal or paternal language, a lost native country of thought. On the contrary, we must affirm this, in the sense… Continue reading Apocryphal Fire // H.D.

Creature-Feeling // Beach House

On some varieties of religious experience. Are you all being friendly to your neighbor? Are strangers meeting strangers? I mean, that’s point isn’t it? ...I don’t know what the point is…but, yeah…             Victoria Legrand, between songs at the Beach House concert And then it’s dark again A new development Wishing that it meant Something… Continue reading Creature-Feeling // Beach House

Triumph of the Will // The Unabomber

On terrorism, moral relativism, and the absurdity of love.   The fact that I was able to admit to myself that there was no logical justification for morality illustrates a very important trait of mine. . . . I have much less tendency to self-deception than most people.             Theodore J. Kaczynski, Journal A flawed… Continue reading Triumph of the Will // The Unabomber

Welcome to the Freak Show // Flannery O’Connor

On the war for normality.   She could hear the freak saying, “God made me thisaway and I don’t dispute hit,” and the people saying, “Amen. Amen.”             Flannery O’Connor, “A Temple of the Holy Ghost” (1955) They stood gazing at the artificial Negro as if they were faced with some great mystery, some monument… Continue reading Welcome to the Freak Show // Flannery O’Connor