worldbuilding without fear // The Time Machine

The Time Machine presents a case study in modern encounters with other worlds and how those encounters are interpreted by Western ways of knowing. In telling a story of time travel that relies on the craft of worldbuilding, this story also presents an archetype of a certain science-fictional gesture: worldbuilding as conquest through knowledge. In … Continue reading worldbuilding without fear // The Time Machine

Molotov in the Form of a Prayer for Grad Students: Or, The World Is Over, I Must Write This Seminar Paper

This is the document I produced back in April/May in lieu of doing a traditional seminar paper for one of my graduate courses. Typically these seminar papers will take the form of a 25 - 30-page draft of a publishable research article. Because of my own exasperation at the contradictions of professionalism/professionalization and the fact that I was approaching this project during the first wave of the COVID crisis in the United States (who knows what wave we're on now), I took a more experimental, unprofessional approach to this project.