Experience // Esposito (Part 6)

On displaying the wound. Non-knowledge isn’t the production or the attribution of meaning but knowledge’s being exposed to what denies and negates it. Whereas knowledge tends to stitch up every tear, non-knowledge consists in holding open the opening that we already are; of not blocking but rather displaying the wound in and of our existence. … Continue reading Experience // Esposito (Part 6)

There’s a Golem in My Garden // Cynthia Ozick

On creating the heavens and the earth. Golem-making is dangerous; like all major creation it endangers the life of the creator… The danger is not that the golem, become autonomous, will develop overwhelming powers; it lies in the tension which the creative process arouses in the creator himself.              Gershom Scholem, “The Idea of the … Continue reading There’s a Golem in My Garden // Cynthia Ozick