Writings Elsewhere

Below is a list of some writings I’ve published at other venues.


“The Daemonic Life of Objects: Object-Oriented Criticism and Cynthia Ozick’s ‘The Pagan Rabbi,'” symplokē, vol. 26, no. 1-2, 2018.

“The Morals of Stories: Narrating Judgment in Carver, Borges, and Englander,” Philosophy and Literature, vol. 41, no. 1, 2017.

Blog Posts

“Seeing ’68: HotE Review, No Intenso Agora (In the Intense Now).” Watershed, 13 Feb. 2018.

“Restless Imagination: HotE Preview, Ronald Judy.” Watershed, 10 Oct. 2017.

“The Post-Racial Ideology: HotE Preview, Alexandre Da Costa,” Watershed, 28 Feb. 2017.

“The Exuberant Silence of an Overabundant Life,” Watershed, 19 Jan. 2017.

“Humanities on the Edge Lecture Review: Milton S. F. Curry,” Watershed, 27 Sept. 2016.

“Religious Liberty, Democracy, and the Battle against Flesh and Blood,” Watershed, 13 Sept. 2016.

“I Really Don’t Know Clouds At All: HotE Lecture Review, John Durham Peters,” Watershed, 5 April 2016.

“For Thine Is the Kingdom: Where Religion Meets Politics,” Watershed, 2 Feb. 2016.

“Cannibals,” K-State Creative Writing, 27 Jan. 2015.


“The Terror of the Political: Community, Identity, and Apocalypse in Don DeLillo’s Falling Man, UNL Digital Commons, May 2017. (my master’s thesis)