This intensive way of reading, in contact with what’s outside the book, as a flow meeting other flows, one machine among others, as a series of experiments for each reader in the midst of events that have nothing to do with books, as tearing the book into pieces, getting it to interact with other things, absolutely anything . . . . is reading with love.

Gilles Deleuze, “Letter to a Harsh Critic” 

The spirit of The Intertext is to attend to the excess of life that constitutes each atom of lived experience. In this spirit, my writing on this site often meditates on the various ways certain texts illuminate, refract, or tenuously comprehend strange faces of the nutty entanglement of the living. As a student, my work focuses on contemporary American literature and critical theory, as well as adjacent themes these fields are in contact with: political theory, religion and theology, ontology, violence and terror, community, apocalypse, and whatever else I become interested in. This blog is a space where I experiment with new ideas, play with unfinished thoughts, or discuss topics in ways less suited to strictly academic writing. I also hope to provoke further conversation, so feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email. A simple axiomatic truth that drives my work in this space is that life in the world always exceeds what we say of it.